Skype can make your long distance relationship easier

inlove-5When I went away to college, back in the mists of time (they had just invented fire), I was really distraught about leaving my boyfriend behind. He and I decided to go to different schools two hours apart. We would talk for hours on the phone, drop stupid amounts of money on calling cards, and would email each other constantly. This was pre-Skype, obviously, and thinking about it now, it sounds as primitive as carving romantic messages in cuneiform on stone tablets.

If you’re in an LDR you don’t have to suffer from this kind of slow and cumbersome communication anymore. Skype lets you talk to your significant other anywhere for free; just being able to see your boo for a few minutes makes any LDR so much more bearable. Relationship expert Jonathan Alter says maintaining contact for even just a few minutes every day is a key way to overcome LDR drama and he’s right; just spending those few minutes on Skype together makes you feel like a normal couple.

But there are a couple of other ways Skype can make LDRs a bit easier to deal with other than just video calling:

IM: You’ve already got Skype on your computer or mobile phone for your daily video calls – but you can use it for chats too. Nothing livens up a boring lecture or a snoozy activist meeting like chatting with your SO. Plus, Skype’s emoticons are famously adorable. Check out this full list – including secret hidden emoticons – that will make both of you laugh.

Video Messages – I loved getting romantic voice mail messages from my boyfriend – it would really cheer me up before I went to class. Take voice mail to the next level with a quick video message to your SO – they’ll love seeing your face and your goofy message. Here’s how to send one.

Cheap International Calls – nothing makes an LDR-ite’s heart sink faster than these little words: “I’m studying abroad next semester.” But don’t panic! Make sure they get a cell phone with a local sim card, and then with just a little bit of Skype credit you can call them at great rates whenever you want.

We know being in an LDR is really hard work, and Skype is there to make your life and your romance easier. If you haven’t tried Skype yet, download it and see what you think. We bet being able to see and talk to your SO is going to make this semester just a little bit brighter.