5 Things You May Not Know About Skype for Your Business

Skype WifiRecently, I traveled to New York City to join a group of entrepreneurs and small-business owners at our latest Skype for Business Meetup. It was such a privilege to talk with this talented group of men and women, and answer a whole host of their questions.

One thing I particularly enjoy is teaching people about Skype features they haven’t yet used (and in some cases didn’t know existed). In my conversations in NYC, I noticed five features in particular that got people really excited.

In hopes that you’ll find some bits that can help your business, I’ll share those with you today.

  1. Group calls: You can use Skype to talk with up to 25 other people for free on one call, as long as everyone’s on Skype. To initiate a Skype group call, you simply create a group with everyone you want in it and hit the Call button. If you have a little Skype credit or a calling subscription, you can even include people on their mobile or landline in those group calls, by adding their phone numbers to the group.
  2. Send files: Everyone can use Skype to send and receive files of any size – photos, videos, written documents or spreadsheets – to one or more of their Skype contacts for free. Just start an IM session or a Skype call with another person or with a group, and choose the “Send File” option in the chat box. Everyone in that chat or on the call will receive the file at the same time.
  3. Screen share: Sharing your computer screen via Skype means whoever you’re instant messaging or talking with will see exactly what’s on your screen – a great way to collaborate on projects. One-to-one screen sharing is free; just select the “Share Screen” option in your chat box. With a Skype Premium subscription, you can screen share with a group.
  4. Skype WiFi: Avoid paying for 24 hour WiFi passes when you’re on the move (in airports or hotels, for example) and use Skype WiFi to get online. You’ll pay only for the minutes you need. Make sure you have the latest version of Skype installed and some credit in your Skype account (the per-minute cost will deduct automatically). Then, select the “Skype WiFi” option in your Skype client or app and take advantage of one of the more than 2 million hotspots globally.
  5. Skype Manager: If you’re a small business owner or if you supervise multiple employees, Skype Manager is a convenient way to centrally administer the Skype accounts your team uses for work. With Skype Manager, a single administrator creates accounts, and allocates Skype credit and other features to them. And those accounts stay with the company even when employees leave, so you can re-allocate as needed!