Free WiFi for Skype Premium Users!


It’s our anniversary, but you get the present. Each and every Skype user will receive, as of today, 30 minutes (two connections of up to 15 minutes each) of free WiFi at any of our two million Skype WiFi partner hotspots.  The offer begins at 12:00 AM on August 29 and ends at 12 AM on August 30.

You can use your 30 minutes at any time over the next month – just join a supported WiFi network and use Skype WiFi to connect. Go to any hotspot, select “Skype WiFi,” sign in, and go.  Enjoy!

Supported device, Skype app and valid Skype account required.  Here’s more information about Skype WiFi.

It’s one of those little irritations of modern life. You’re at the airport, probably with a two hour layover or a mysterious flight delay, and you decide to kill time by surfing the web or checking your email. You pull out your computer, turn on WiFi, and discover that you can buy a ridiculous amount for an even more ridiculous price. Who needs 24 hours of WiFi at the airport?

It doesn’t have to be this way. With Skype WiFi, you can buy just as much WiFi as you need. You don’t have to drag out your credit cards when you’re on the move, you can just pay for it right out of your Skype Credit. Plus, it’s available at over 1 million hotspots worldwide.**

But it gets even better. Throughout the month of August, if you’re a Skype Premium subscriber, you get Skype WiFi for free! If you’re headed to the beach or have a business trip, you can email, check the news, make your family jealous with awesome vacation photos, laugh at LOLcats, and yes, even chat on Skype totally free at anyplace Skype WiFi is offered.

If you haven’t already, join Skype Premium today and enjoy free Skype WiFi through August 30th.

**Skype WiFi is currently available on Windows desktop, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Internet access is subject to the terms and conditions of the hotspot service provider.