Skype secures family ties, brings business for AIRDEX

Naturally, we at Skype are big proponents of the value of face-to-face communication and connecting with friends and family. And we love a great story.

So when we heard this tale from a Skype user we featured on the blog about a year ago, we knew we had to share.

Recently Russell Valvo, sales manager at AIRDEX in Las Vegas, discovered a relative on LinkedIn, a cousin on his father’s side who lives in Poland but is from Italy. After a Skype call at Russell’s office the two got acquainted and exchanged family data.

It turns out this cousin is in the right field relative to Russell’s line of work: he’s in the exporting and importing business. AIRDEX makes ultra-lightweight, recyclable packaging to make shipping safer, more cost effective and green. The cousin passed Russell’s information to most of his partners, and Russell already has received a quote for an order.  Win!

But Russell’s latest Skype story doesn’t end there. He’s also getting some interior design help from his newfound relative. He called the cousin and his mother via Skype from his laptop at home and showed them his new house in Las Vegas, walking room to room and out onto the balcony for a view of the Las Vegas Strip. His cousin planned to travel back to Italy to visit family, and agreed to take pictures of Sicily for Russell to frame and display in his new home, the builder’s “Tuscany” model.

Russell is no stranger to Skype video calls – he makes them often in his role at AIRDEX.

“Speaking face to face is more relaxed, more personal,” Russell says. “Especially in this day and age when we do so much email and texting.”  Building relationships is easier and quicker with the help of video calls, he contends.

So here’s to many more orders for AIRDEX, and more family get-togethers for Russell! We’re happy to be a part of it.

Have you made any great connections using Skype? Share your story in the comments.