College Bound? Keep Your BFFs Close

Graduating  from High School? Keep Your BFFs Close with Skype

Dancing with your best friends at prom. Senior Cut Day. The moment you and your classmates toss your caps in the air at graduation. Some of the most precious moments are shared with friends – and as you embark upon your summer vacation, the realization of your tight-knit group separating becomes more and more clear.

The beginning of college, however, does not have to mean the end of friendships. How will you find the time to give your friends the down-low on life? Try out some of these Skype tips for staying in touch:

  • Get familiar with group video calling this summer and bring your friends along for the ride on your next family vacation. Not only will you be able to share those unforgettable moments of your trip (like when you convinced grandma to go zip-lining), but you can also keep up with what’s happening back at home.
  • Stuck in summer school attempting to pass the impossible accounting course you’ve already failed twice? Create an IM with your friend that’s got a knack for math for quick access to study tips and suggestions. Confusing formula? Use screen sharing to walk through those tricky problems together.
  • Exchange memories, photos and videos in a snap by sending and receiving files through Skype. Whether it’s a video of you and your future suite-mates goofing off after class, or photos of your crush that you slyly snapped a pic of at orientation, sending files allows you to easily share all the little moments that might otherwise get lost in translation.

How do you plan to use Skype to stay in touch with friends this summer?