Musician Performs Personalized Concerts via Skype

Indie musician Jhameel catapulted to the top of the Hype Machine Popular Charts with the help of his enthusiastic fan base. Jhameel immerses his listeners in synthesized melodies, thought provoking lyrics and vocals inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince. Based in Los Angeles, California, he does it all – produces, sings, writes songs and plays a number of instruments.

Touring is very expensive though, and Jhameel finds it difficult to give his dedicated fans the chance to see him in concert. His solution? Skype video calling, as it offers an opportunity to share his acoustic performances, regardless of location.

“Skype is really good for me to build relationships with my fans,” Jhameel says. “I like to think that the future of music is in the direct artist-to-fan connection. A closeness is formed when you a have a one-on-one conversation as opposed to waiting in line for two minutes of an artist’s time after a show.”

In December of 2012 Jhameel began offering private performances via Skype. These performances began as acoustic jam sessions, and later evolved into a series of moments in which fans can get to know the musician on a deeper level.

From high school and college students to social media enthusiasts, he loves being able to relate to his fans, whoever they may be, for whatever occasion. “I’ve had a couple of people tell me my music has helped them through tough times. I like that feeling of talking to someone and making them feel better. Skype is the greatest and most simple way to connect with fans.”

Jhameel is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album which will be released this summer. If his previous albums are any indication of what to expect, we are in for a mix of pop with funky inflections.

How do you use Skype to connect with those who share your passions?