Focused to the core: Pilates instructor uses Skype for one-on-one coaching

The physical fitness practice known as Pilates was developed in the early 20th century, and now has more than 11 million people practicing it worldwide. Denise Posnak fell in love with Pilates over ten years ago and quickly decided to become an instructor. After 12 years of teaching, this New York-based instructor has found a new way to give one-on-one consultations to her clients: Skype!


“I moved to New York after teaching at the University of Georgia in Athens, and wanted to continue to train my clients there,” says Posnak. “So I decided to teach via Skype and have found it to be just as effective!”

Since beginning her individual sessions via Skype, Posnak is convinced that it’s the most convenient way to workout. Once you eliminate the commute and necessity for fancy work out attire, you’re left with a great time and cushion in your wallet. The flexibility that comes with her virtual sessions only sweetens the deal.  With Skype along for the ride, location is irrelevant, and for Posnak’s travel-savvy clientele this is vital. “I have one client that hops around every week; I always have to ask where she is.”

Posnak believes the Skype Pilates sessions are much more focused than in-person classes, “because you are mostly listening to cues, and you are more focused on work than what’s around.” She adds, “The client gets control of the environment, and if they don’t feel safe going into other spaces, this provides a comfortable place.”

Not only has Posnak been able to continue to work with her Georgia-based clients, but now she’s able to teach people around the world. Her clients are as close as, ‘down the street’ and as far as Washington and the UK. And,despite the considerable distance between them, the experience remains intimate. During one session held over Skype, Posnak recalls holding a Pilates ball as if she was going to throw it, “I flinched!!” said her client. Another time, Posnak offered a client some water when standing up to get some, before remembering that she was not there with her.

Whether on holiday vacation in the mountains or at her home in Brooklyn, maintaining appointments with her regular clients is possible thanks to Skype!

Interested in perfecting your Pilates technique? Reach out to Posnak via or on Twitter at @mybodwellness.