It’s All About Networking

Recently I’ve been compiling some tips to get the best quality out of your Skype calls. In case you missed them, here are the tips on how to set up your Skype calls and how you can improve your call quality with different hardware.

Today I’ll give you some tips on how to get the best connection for your Skype calls. Whether you’re at home or out and about, it’s all about networking.

A wired connection beats WiFi and WiFi beats mobile data networks

When it comes to signal strength and stability it’s not a game of rock, paper, scissors. There’s a clear hierarchy of connection methods and some are better than others.
Connecting your device through an Ethernet cable will offer a more stable Skype experience than when connecting via WiFi. However, if you’re on a mobile device and you connect to a WiFi network, you’ll often get better performance than you would just using your mobile data network.

Start your group calls on the strongest connection available

Because of the way Skype works, the quality of a group Skype call is only as good as the network of the person who started the call. If you are going to have a call with a group of people, take a moment to check who has the best connection using the hierarchy mentioned above and get them to start the call.
If you’re on a group call and there’s a delay or the audio is breaking up, try ending the call and getting someone else to restart it.

Skype WiFi lets you connect while out of the house

Skype Wifi lets you connect to public WiFi hotspots using your Skype Credit as payment. Learn more about Skype WiFi.
If you’re on an iOS device you will find Skype WiFi in the app store. This will give you the option to switch from your mobile data network to a WiFi network for improved call quality on Skype.
We’re working hard at bringing Skype WiFi to new devices – follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new releases.