Gearing for Success

You might have seen my blog recently on how to set up a good quality Skype call. Today I’ll be giving you some tips on hardware that can really boost the quality of your Skype calls. If you still need to do some Christmas present shopping then this might give you a few ideas.

Get the Madonna look, headsets are the way forward

Now I know the 1980s pop-star is a look that most of us aren’t still trying to achieve, but whenever I’m on a call with someone with a headset it makes a huge difference. If you’re using a built in microphone and webcam, like on a laptop, you’ll be too far away from the microphone to get the best audio quality.
A headset won’t just solve the problem of distance. Even the cheapest headsets usually have a better microphone than the one built in to most devices so that’s two reasons you’ll sound even clearer.
If you’re looking for a headset that’s guaranteed to work with Skype, take a look at the products in the Skype shop.

Getting the whole room on a call isn’t just for the board room anymore, USB speakerphones can be an affordable home solution

If you’ve got a number of people in the room and want to call someone on Skype then a headset isn’t always the best option. Fortunately there are some USB speakerphone products available which don’t cost a fortune. If you’ve got a group of people around a computer, or you’re by yourself and don’t want headset-hair, they offer much better audio quality than you would get out of a built in microphone and speakers.
We’ve been using the Jabra SPEAK410 around the office for impromptu meetings and they perform really well compared to using the built in microphone and speakers on a laptop.

Your internet connection is probably begging for a better quality webcam

Broadband internet access is spreading around the world at a rapid pace. In comparison the quality of built in webcams hasn’t improved greatly over time. As a result, you might not be getting the most out of your internet connection. With a HD webcam like this Logitech C270 you, too, can be ready for your close up.