Happy birthday to "Happy Birthday" – sing it with Skype

It’s the anniversary of the much loved Happy Birthday song, so get inspired for some of the best ways to celebrate birthdays with Skype.

It’s a song we’re all used to hearing and singing along to, but did you know that ‘Happy Birthday’ celebrates its own birthday on June 27th? Raise your voice to one of the world’s most recognized tunes to wish the popular song many happy returns, or send birthday wishes to your nearest and dearest with Skype.

A birthday serenade
Using Skype is a great way to get in touch with the people you care about most, and what better time than on birthdays? Serenade your loved ones by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to them on a free internet call or wallet-friendly Skype call to a mobile or landline.

Even though people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at parties all over the world without a second thought, it’s very different when it comes to film or TV. Technically, the Summy Company, which claimed copyright in 1935, can still charge for public performances. Luckily, that doesn’t apply to normal celebrations, so sing as much – and as loudly – as you want.

Say it with Skype
For an extra special birthday message, be sure to use our Say it with Skype app. Blending personal messages with birthday wishes from big bands, using this video feature is the perfect way to make someone feel like one in a million.

All you need to do is choose a friend, choose a band they love and start creating an excellent video greeting. You can ‘Say it with Skype’ over Facebook too or make sure the special message is for the birthday girl or boy’s eyes only. There’s no better way to deliver a fun, funky and friendly birthday meeting than with music.

Celebrating your birthday when you’re far away
Sometimes you just can’t be where you’d like to when a big birthday rolls around, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see the people you care about. If you’re going to be away for your big day, plan a Skype birthday party that will let you check in with your favourite people.

Set up a video call and ask as many of your friends or family members to gather together as possible . If your ‘guests’ have sent you presents to open, make sure you save them for the camera. The moment when you blow out your candles is another good birthday tradition, so capture it during your call. Dare you to be a cute as this pair.

Games for long distance parties
Just because you’re not all in the same room together, you shouldn’t have to give up on the idea of silly games. If you’re setting up an online party with faraway friends, tell them they can only join the group video call if they promise to wear fancy dress.

Try playing the kind of game that needs a lot of audience interaction, such as charades, and see how quickly your call descends into giggles. For a good clear view of the fun, Skype on your TV might be just the thing. Especially if you want to be able to examine your friends faces closely as you beat them at Twenty Questions.

Has anyone ever sent you an extra special birthday message? If you could do one thing for someone’s special day, what would it be? Let us know by leaving a comment…