Use Skype to show Dad he's special this Father's Day

Show Dad you care this Father’s Day by sharing a laugh, a smile or a special moment with a little help from Skype.

Make your Dad feel special this Father’s Day by putting aside the time to tell him how much he means to you. Cards, chocolates and presents are great, but there’s nothing like hearing the sound of a loved one’s voice or seeing their smile. And if you can’t be there in person, you can always make it special with Skype …

Make it special with Skype

Whether you’re stuck at the office or you’re thousands of miles away, Skype can help you stay in touch with your number 1 guy. From Qik messages to long video calls, there are plenty of ways to show Dad you care.

• If you’ve got a tech-savvy Dad with a Skype App on his smartphone, you can talk for hours without worrying about the cost.

• On the other side of the world? Arrange a video call and let him see for himself how much you miss him.

• Get your brothers and sisters involved, plan a group video call and share the love.

Skype for all ages

Even if your Dad is elderly, Skype can be a great way to keep in touch. The software is so easy to use, some people start calling with Skype for the first time at a grand old age. Check out this great story from last Father’s Day about a grandfather connecting with his family living abroad.

No time on Father’s Day? No problem

It’s not always possible to be where you want to be on a special occasion. If even arranging a time you’ll both be free is tough, a Qik video is ideal.

Send a personal message to your Dad with Qik for a really easy way to show him how you feel. A song, a poem, or just a quick ‘I love you’ is enough to make Father’s Day special. The software is really easy to use and you can make your video in advance, so it’s a perfect solution if you know you’ll be busy on the big day.

Swap it for the big screen

Don’t forget that with the new generation of digital TVs and TV cams, you can even get in touch via Skype from the comfort of your den.

Make sure your Dad is settled on the sofa with a cup of tea so he can speak to absent family members via Skype or, if your Dad’s miles away, gather the whole family together in your home and enjoy chatting to him using Skype on your TV.

A real Skype reunion

Sometimes just saying hello isn’t enough, so if you want to make this Father’s Day extra special, why not organise an online reunion?

Father’s Day is a time for family, but for the best gifts, you sometimes need to think outside the box. For an unforgettable gift, why not get in touch with some of your Dad’s old friends? Show them all how to connect online and hopefully it will be the start of regular video calls between them.

The best lines are from the heart

You might not be a hearts and flowers kind of person. You might even find it hard to share your feelings – but that doesn’t matter when June rolls around. Deep down, all your Dad really wants to know on Father’s Day is that you care. And by getting in touch, he’ll know you do – even if you can’t quite say the words.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your Dad on Father’s Day? And what’s the most wonderful thing he ever did for you? Are you planning to use Skype to show your Dad you care this Father’s Day? Let us know by leaving a comment…