Showcase your pet on Skype this National Pet Week

It’s National Pet Week (May 6-12) – celebrate by showing-off your pet using Skype. And if your pet isn’t quite camera-ready, use Skype to help them too …

Share your pet’s antics with Skype
Everyone loves watching a cute kitten or playful puppy, and what better time to share your pet’s antics with friends and family than during National Pet Week? Take some time out of your day to showcase your pet on Skype this week and tell everyone how much your furry, feathered, or scaled friend means to you.

You can use Skype instant messaging‘s file transfer feature to send your favorite snaps of your pet to anyone on your contacts list. But if you really want to show off your pet, let him or her enjoy being the star of their very own Skype video call.

If your pet has talent, you can let them perform to a global audience of friends and family by arranging your own animal show live and direct from your home via a Skype group video call. And if your friends and family members share your love of animals, you could organise a virtual pet show or even dress your pets up to compete in a Skype fashion show.

Just keep some treats on hand to reward your furry friend for all his or her hard work once the show’s over.

Use Skype to train your pets
You can even make sure he or she doesn’t turn into a diva by keeping on top of their obedience training using Skype.

More and more animal trainers are offering training sessions via Skype video calls, so if your pet isn’t quite ready to make his or her debut on-screen performance, you can get help without having to take time out to travel to classes or have the hassle of transporting your pet to an unfamiliar environment.

The most commonly available Skype-based pet classes are obedience training sessions for dogs. Your online dog trainer will be able to see you and your dog interacting via Skype, and advise you on how to train them and improve or alter their behaviour.

It’s a cheap and effective way of training your dog to behave, so whether you want to get your puppy off on the right track or teach an older dog a few new tricks, training sessions via Skype are a great solution.

Keep an eye on your pet with Skype
Skype video calls aren’t just useful when you’re with your pet – you can use Skype to keep an eye on them when you’re away from home too. Whether you want to see whether all your obedience training is paying off or just cheer yourself up by watching what your pet’s getting up to while you’re at work, you can with Skype.

And there doesn’t even need to be anyone at home to answer your video call –
in an earlier blog post
, we told you how one clever Skype user had set up his home computer to answer his calls so he could check up on on his furry friend, Baxter, while he was out.

Taking care of your pet using Skype
National Pet Week isn’t just about celebrating our love for animals – it’s also about promoting responsible pet ownership and increasing public awareness of veterinary medicine. And if your pet’s feeling a little under the weather, you may be able to use Skype to get quick and cost-effective advice from a veterinarian to put your mind at rest.

Earlier this year, we told you how veterinary hospice ‘Lap of Love’ had launched a new service offering remote consultations to pet-owners via Skype video calls. And many other veterinary practices offer Skype consultations too, so you can get your pet back on form and ready for his or her next Skype performance.

How will you be using Skype to showcase your pet during National Pet Week? Do you have a doggy or kitty cam in your home so you can keep an eye on your pet using Skype? Have you got any Skype pet stories to share? Please add a comment and let us know…