Batter up! Use Skype to stay in touch during baseball season.

It’s the start of the 2012 Major League Baseball season – and if you want to share your love of the sport with your friends and family, use Skype to make sure you can stay in touch if life throws curveballs that keep you apart.

Enjoy sports together using Skype
Watching sports is much more fun when you’re with friends and family, but sometimes we can’t all watch the big game together.

Sign up for Skype and you can keep your bases covered by ensuring you can still enjoy the game with the people you love, wherever they are. You can chat about the game on a video call or via instant messaging – and, no matter which sport you follow, you can invite everyone to join you for the big game, match or race.

You could even set up your own fantasy league with friends and keep up to date with it by chatting online using Skype.

In 2011, we marked the start of the Major League Baseball season by partnering with fantasy sports site Rotowire and enabling nine baseball fans to conduct a virtual fantasy draft using Skype group video calls. And you could do the same, whether your favorite sport is baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or motorsports.

Share your sporting moments
Skype’s also a great tool for sharing your favorite sports moments with family and friends, whether you’re a player or a spectator.

If you’re visiting a famous sports stadium, you can share the experience with fellow fans you know (or make them jealous) by video calling them from the venue, or by taking photos of your trip and sharing them using Skype’s file-transfer feature.

And if your kids play in Little League or other junior sports events, you can share their successes with everyone you know via a free Skype call or instant messenger chat, and send photos of their big event to family and friends too.

Skype for athletes
Skype’s not just for sports fans – it can be a great tool for both amateur and professional athletes too.

Earlier in the year, we told you how NFL players took part in the NFL draft using Skype and how running sensation Mo Farah keeps in touch with his family using Skype while he’s travelling to athletics meets around the world.

Athletes can also use Skype video calls to have personal sessions with trainers, meaning they can cut down on travel and make the most of their practice time. And you don’t have to be a professional athlete to use Skype for fitness training either – many personal trainers are starting to offer one-to-one sessions using Skype video calling, so it’s the perfect option for anyone looking for that extra motivation to get game-ready.

How do you use Skype to indulge your passion for sports? Have you tried an online Skype training session? Please leave a comment and share your story with us…