Welcome to the Updated Skype Shop

With the recent update to the Skype Shop, I thought it would be helpful for me to describe what the Shop is all about, new features this version of the Shop has, and how the Shop is beneficial to you.

The goal of the Skype Shop is to connect people around the world with accessories that have been optimized to work with Skype. We know that those of you who have Skype certified accessories (e.g. headsets, webcams, phones, etc.) have a better experience making calls using our software, and therefore getting the right accessories into your hands is important to us. That’s what the Shop is intended to do.


The Skype Shop is available in 67 counties and 16 different languages. With the latest update, we make it super easy for you to find the right devices efficiently. We do it in a way that allows you to educate yourself on the categories of products and features through filters. So for example, if you’re looking at webcams, you can filter by HD-capable, high quality, standard quality, etc. A lot of people don’t know the differences between webcams, and we make it so much easier now to help you understand and select from the various options. You can check out ratings and reviews on products. You can view product images from a number of angles -and also check out videos of products in-action.

We think one of the big benefits of the new Skype Shop is its ability to search the web to pull in third-party merchant offers for the products, so you can be assured you are getting the best prices possible. Say for example, you are looking at a Microsoft LifeChat HD-5000 webcam in Skype Shop, we show you our featured merchant offer, but we also allow you to view other offers from across the web from places such as Amazon.com or Buy.com. We do all that legwork and sorting for you, so there’s no need for you to do it yourself. That’s all in line with removing friction between you and the actual accessories you want to buy and making it the best experience possible.

Check out Skype Shop and if you want to leave us feedback, you can comment below or follow @Skype on Twitter and tweet us using #skypeshop.