34 Million People Concurrently Online on Skype

The BoomTown Rats may not like Mondays, but people on Skype sure do. It’s certainly a busy Monday as we’re seeing another jump in people on Skype today reaching a new milestone of 34 million users concurrently online. This is on the heels of announcing 32 million people concurrently online on Skype just a few days ago. It’s a quick jump and speaks to the volume of people who rely on Skype everyday around the world to stay in touch.

Perhaps it’s driven by all the buzz of people talking about the Oscars, NASCAR Daytona 500, or maybe it can be attributed to our announcement today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for our new Skype for Windows Phone Beta app smile_80.png. In fact, we would love to hear from you about what you are talking about on Skype — tweet us your comments if you’d like to share by using hashtag #ILoveSkype.