Exciting new virtual field trips from Skype in the Classroom

Currently, more than half a million teachers around the world use Skype in their classrooms and, thanks to technology, the amount of unique educational experiences available has never been greater. With Skype in the Classroom, teachers can expand on their existing units of study through live learning adventures.

Studying climate change? Why not hop on a Skype call with a scientist who’s seeing it firsthand from the Arctic circle? Teaching about literacy? Bring in one of your favorite authors to talk about the writing process over Skype! Talking to your class about another country? Collaborate with a class from that country on learning projects or check out Mystery Skype.

Virtual field trips are some of the most popular Skype activities in today’s digital classroom. Teachers can take their students places they’ve never been before: go 60 feet under the sea, explore a new continent, visit a dinosaur paleontology lab, brave the beehive, or journey to any number of National Parks. Scroll through the Sway below for a glimpse of some of the newest field trips available:

That’s just a handful of the Skype field trips available to teachers all over the world through the Microsoft Educator Community. From expeditions to Iceland and Antarctica, to trips to museums, historical sites and aquariums, Skype in the Classroom provides truly unique live learning experiences. The list is always changing so check back frequently to see what’s new or seasonal.

Want to see these experiences in your school? Parents, why not talk to your child’s teacher and principal about taking advantage of Skype in the Classroom? Teachers, register for free on the Microsoft Educator Community to access these educational experiences for your own classroom, and spread the word by sharing this with your colleagues!