Celebrate World Oceans Day with Skype and GoNoodle

Skype in the Classroom is making waves this World Oceans Day with a big announcement: we’re teaming up with our friends at GoNoodle for a LIVE underwater adventure all about keeping our oceans healthy.

Celebrating World Oceans Day with Skype in the ClassroomGoNoodle is a program that gets kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest selves. Over 500,000 teachers (including many of our Skype Master Teachers) use “brain break” videos to help students channel their physical and emotional energy. Now, students can experience the fun live with classrooms across the globe

First up: an inside look at the making of a new GoNoodle video. Learn a new riff on “Baby Shark,” and move along with Bridgette from Moose Tube as we film a new GoNoodle video LIVE. Then, we’ll go on a virtual field trip inside the Oceans First Institute with oceans expert Dr. Mikki Kobza, who will give your students a deep dive into the importance of the ocean and why species, like sharks, matter. As a bonus, Dr. Mikki will be presenting in front of the polar bear exhibit at the Denver Zoo.

GoNoodle Co-Founder and Director of Product, Aaron Briggs shares, “We can’t wait to share some of the behind-the-scenes magic of GoNoodle, get kids moving in a really cool way, and learn about how we might do more fun live events with Skype in the Classroom in the future.”

We hope you’ll join us for Oceans of Fun with Skype in the Classroom and GoNoodle! Grab your snorkels and get ready to dive in on Wednesday, June 8th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST. Register your class here.

Celebrate World Oceans Day with Skype and GoNoodle

There’s more than one way to celebrate our oceans this month. Skype in the Classroom has a wealth of ocean-related lessons and virtual field trips available covering: plankton, whales of the East Coastthreats to the Great Barrier Reef, sharks, and more. Check out all of our exciting World Oceans Day lessons here.