The day Dallas went to Nashville

People know Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton for a lot of things. Matt for being the face of the hit show Kyle XY. Blue for going from music executive to musician. The duo is now traveling the globe, sharing out dad moments, and working toward a single goal wherever they go. That goal? As their son says (or sings) at the start of their videos—peace to the world. But you’ll know them as the reason you went on an adventure of your own this summer.

Image of Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton.

That’s because they’ve arrived in Nashville, Tennessee—a.k.a. the Music City. Where white jackets, black trims, sweet serenades, and the bright lights of the Grand Ole Opry fill the nights. And where horseback rides through rolling hills under endless skies fill the days. If that sounds like an overly romantic description to you, come along for a ride to see it’s not.

In one of the pair’s longest videos, they made room for all the must-sees and must-tastes of Tennessee. They went way beyond the honkytonks. From a feast of slow-roasted, southern barbecue to a tour of a 350-acre organic farm. You’ll see some great views. Meet some great horses. And get pressured into adding a 10-gallon hat into your wardrobe rotation.

The downside of a summer adventure like this one? Loved ones might not be able to come with. Matt and Blue had the same concern. So they ended up using Skype to make sure friends and family didn’t miss out. Are you starting to think that summer vacation shouldn’t just be for kids? Then saddle up and see what makes Nashville an iconic place by watching Matt and Blue’s video of their road trip to Nashville. And then follow them on Instagram and Twitter to see all the “Insta-worthy” moments from their trip or to say hello.

You can also watch a new YouTube of Matt and Blue’s adventures every Tuesday.