Help Christian LeBlanc get lost in paradise

Calling all travel lovers and Hawaii hot-spot aficionados! Starting today, you’re invited to help travel vlogger Christian LeBlanc of Lost LeBlanc prepare to “get lost” (as he likes to say) on his upcoming trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, from March 8–12, as well as experience the highlights along the way, and long after he’s departed for his next adventure.

He just wrapped up a trip sailing around the Caribbean and now is trading in coconuts and island life for…more coconuts and island life! We teamed up with him to bring you closer to his journey around paradise and connect him to all your priceless local Oahu knowledge.

Through our custom-made Travel with Christian bot, you’ll be able to offer travel tips, see whose suggestions were used, and get access to exclusive content—like where he’s surfing, what he’s eating, and some of the things he’s been up to. Whether it’s your favorite plate lunch truck, a must-see secluded beach, or the best local hiking trails, he’s organizing his trip around your recommendations.

Image of Christian LeBlanc at the edge of a platform overlooking a lake.

Also, by offering your best tips, you could win the chance to have a one-on-one video call with the intrepid traveler, which will be recorded and included in the vlog documenting his trip and posted on his channels as well as ours! So add the bot and help him get planning!

You can follow more of Christian’s adventures on his YouTube channel, and head to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more exclusive content.