Sprinkle some fun into your Highlights with new photo effects in Skype

Since introducing the new Skype, we’ve been adding new features to bring more fun and personalization to your Highlights and conversations. Today, we’re introducing photo effects—smart, whimsical effects, like quirky face stickers and witty captions, for your photos or Highlights. Smart photo effects give you customized effects options based on what’s in each picture—try them on selfies, in a picture of your morning coffee, or a photo of your pet.

Visualization showcases photo effects in Skype.

Once you’ve taken a photo, tap the magic wand button in the top of your screen to access photo effects. Swipe to the right to view more photo effects options. Photo effects may include a witty caption, celebrity lookalike, smart face sticker, location and weather, and mystery face swap. They’re always changing, so try them on different days of the week and during holidays.A pair of smartphones showcase photo effects in Skype.

With photo effects on Skype, you can easily add a dash of wit and creativity to your everyday moments. Share decorated photos with your friends and family via chat or on your Highlights. We’re excited to see how you use photo effects to add more fun to your conversations, photos, and Highlights!

Photo effects are brought to you by Sprinkles by Microsoft. Please visit our Community and send us your feedback. And if you want to learn even more about the new Skype, visit the new Skype.com feature page. For quick answers, please visit the FAQs.