The SAVEUR bot adds new flavor to Skype

At Skype, we’re always looking for ways to add a little more flavor to your life—whether it’s by adding new features or exciting updates. Today, we are partnering with SAVEUR magazine to bring you the SAVEUR bot—just in time for the holidays.

The SAVEUR bot will message you with delicious recipes every week and provide helpful tips and tricks to help you unleash your inner master chef. Just in time for Thanksgiving and end of the year celebrations, the bot will fuel your culinary curiosity and inspire you with new, seasonal recipes.

A smartphone showcases the SAVEUR bot for Skype.

And if that’s not enough, the SAVEUR bot also gives you unprecedented access to thousands of recipes and cooking tips—all accessible by simply starting a chat. Have an ingredient in mind and looking for a recipe? Simply type the ingredient into your chat with the SAVEUR bot and it’ll whip up a few recipe inspirations. Click here to add the bot directly or say hi to SAVEUR below for a preview!


To add the bot and start cooking, tap the + icon and then tap Find Bots. Search for Saveur and select it when displayed. Tap the Get Started button to add to your contacts.

An animated image shows the steps for starting a chat with the SAVEUR bot for Skype.

With the SAVEUR bot, you can become the head chef on your own food adventure. Whether it’s learning about the science of food or planning a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, the SAVEUR bot can help you become better informed—and less stressed—in the kitchen. Tap into SAVEUR’s vast recipe database, and for the December holidays, message the SAVEUR bot to learn about making the perfect holiday cakes, cookies, and desserts.

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