The duo from Getting Stamped travel with Skype

Image of travel bloggers Hannah and Adam in front of the Love Wall in New York City.These past few months we’ve (vicariously) accompanied a handful of professional travelers on their trips, and this month is no different. From October 17, we’ll be following globetrotting duo Hannah and Adam from their travel blog Getting Stamped. They will take on Costa Rica, equipped with just the travel essentials and $10 in Skype Credit to keep their family back home up-to-date on their adventures.

The pair is commemorating 10 years since they decided to ditch the nine-to-five and dedicate themselves to becoming full-time travelers. To celebrate, they’ll be visiting the very place that inspired the transition: the surf-loving beach town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast. They’ll be taking dips in the ocean, climbing volcanoes, trekking the jungle, and doing their fair share of beach relaxing, too.

When it comes to travel, the duo chooses Skype Credit as an alternative to foreign SIM cards. It allows them to call U.S. landlines and mobile phones, as well as foreign numbers, for low rates from their Skype app. It definitely comes in handy for travelers like them—who plan trips from all over the world as well as keep in touch with loved ones back home.

Tune in to our Instagram page on October 4 as they take over for the day to bring us a whole lot of highlights and exclusive content from the trip. (You can also follow along on Twitter via #SkypeTogether.)

For now, head to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get to know the couple a little better and catch up on all their past adventures.

To learn more, visit Skype Credit.