Microsoft account makes it easier for families to connect on Skype

Keeping in touch with family members—whether you live in the same city or are in different parts of the world—can be tough. If you’re juggling busy schedules or conflicting time zones, it can be hard to bring everyone together. Today, we’re launching a new feature within your Microsoft account that makes it easier to stay in touch with those closest to you, no matter where they are.

Your Microsoft account unlocks some cool stuff, including the Microsoft family feature. After setup, you’ll find tools that make family life a little easier, such as a shared calendar and parental controls. Now Microsoft family members are automatically added as Skype contacts in a “My Family” group chat.

Image of a family group chat.

This new Skype feature creates a central location for everyone to send a quick message or jump on a group video call. The best part? There’s no setup required. Family members will receive a notification when the group is created, and that group will appear in everyone’s conversation history on whatever device they’re using Skype.

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