Celebrate Love on the new Skype

Making Skype more expressive and fun was one of our goals when redesigning the new Skype, and today we’re happy to introduce stickers to help you add more creativity to your photos or Highlights.

This month, people all around the world are celebrating inclusion and equality during Pride. To celebrate, we’re launching new content to help add more spirit and color to your conversations, photos, and Highlights including a custom rainbow color theme, a new collection of stickers, and new emoticons.*

New stickers for your photos

Show your support during Pride month with our new stickers! Once you’ve captured a photo on the new Skype, click on the rainbow tab in the lower bar to view the new stickers. Select your favorites, add them to any photo or video, and share with your friends or family in chats, or add them to your Highlights.

Skype Stickers
New rainbow color

The new Skype lets you express yourself through a personalized color in your chats. Add some spirit to your conversations by changing your color to our new rainbow gradient. To change your color in the new Skype, simply type /rainbow into any new or existing conversation and your background will automatically change. To pick another color, go to “Settings” in your notifications and select one of the default colors.

New Skype
New emoticons

In celebration of Pride, we’ve also added two new emoticons to the family: the rainbow smiley and the unicorn. Go to the “Featured” tab in the emoticon picker and choose your favorite.

At Skype, our mission is to bring communities together and we believe that everyone has the right to express themselves. And the new Skype lets you express who you are better than ever before. We hope you have as much fun using this new content as we had creating it!

Visit the new Skype.com feature page to learn more. For questions, please visit the FAQs. We look forward to hearing your feedback in our Community!

*Availability of content will vary by country/region. Certain content will only be available to users who have the next generation of Skype.