Take on the quest to save the universe with the new Doctor Who Bot

This might sound like a funny question… but do you have what it takes to save the universe?

If by some twist of fate you were summoned by a Time Lord on an incredible adventure across time and space, armed with nothing more than your wits and cunning, do you think you would have what it takes? Could you be The Savior of Time?

Now, by joining the legendary Doctor on his latest intergalactic adventure, you have the chance to dive into the world of Doctor Who and truly put yourself to the test. Brought to you by Skype and BBC Worldwide, the Doctor Who Bot takes you on an interactive journey from historic London all the way to the moon of Triton and beyond! You will work together with the Doctor to find the six segments of the Key of Time—an ancient and powerful artifact that could decide the fate of the universe.

Under the guidance of the Doctor, you will be set six different interactive challenges, to be released sequentially in the coming weeks, where it is up to you to solve the mystery and recover each vital segment. And don’t worry if you haven’t experienced Doctor Who before, you only need rely on your cunning abilities to solve the challenges.

Along with the six adventures, you’ll have a unique chance to meet and interact with the Doctor through text, videos, and gifs, as he guides you through each challenge. And be sure to use the brand new Doctor Who Mojis also launching today.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned Whovian, we hope you enjoy this new adventure and stay tuned for additional new content added to the bot in the coming weeks.

Click here to add the Doctor Who Bot to your Skype chat and start saving the universe! And don’t forget to check out the brand new series of Doctor Who now–click here.

To add the Doctor Who Bot on Skype simply search for “Doctor Who Bot” in the Skype Bot Directory, read the bot’s profile and terms, and then click “Add to Contacts”.

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