Exclusive Tangerine Band Mojis now on Skype

Just when you thought you’ve used all our Mojis, along comes a brand-new set—and a whole new way of expressing yourself over Skype when words just aren’t enough.

Mojis are short video clips with audio that help convey emotions. We’ve got a huge range from popular TV shows, well-known movies, and even original composed creations from living legend Paul McCartney and the amazing Coldplay. When we create Mojis, we make sure they’re extra special—and our newest additions, starting to roll out today, are no exception. We collaborated with up-and-coming indie band Tangerine, who composed the music for our latest set.

Tangerine Band Skype MojisTangerine, a Seattle-based trio, is passionate about rock ‘n’ roll-based pop music. Sisters Marika and Miro Justad, with Toby Kuhn, formed Tangerine together in 2013. Their music embraces the ups and downs of life, and often depicts courage, confidence and hope–themes that Skype relates to strongly. We’ve worked closely with the band and landed on Mojis that resemble both their music and personalities. Take a look at our video to get a glimpse of their creative process:

Here is what they thought of the whole process:

“When Skype reached out initially, they told us that they wanted to create Mojis inspired by our music and image as a band. They gave us prompts, we wrote music for them, and then the actual animations weren’t even finished until we sent in our finalized songs. That way they were able to make sure that both elements were perfectly tailored to one another. Seeing the actual animations once they were finished was a very gratifying moment!”

Tangerine Band
Tangerine photographed by Tyler Carlson

Tangerine have recently released their EP “Sugar Teeth” and their single “Tender” Ranked #3 on the FMQB Specialty Radio Charts, and we’re sure there’s more to come from this amazing band.

We’re thrilled to have partnered with Tangerine and hope you love the new Mojis as much as we all loved creating them.

Tangerine Band
Tangerine photographed by Mark Malijan

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