Skype celebrates A Head Full Of Dreams with exclusive Coldplay Mojis

It’s not often we get as excited as we are right now, but today we have some very special news to announce: Skype has joined forces with the phenomenal Coldplay to create an exclusive new set of Mojis especially for you.

Introducing Coldplay Mojis

Coldplay are known for their collaborative nature and spirit of togetherness and those values are a big deal for us here at Skype too. So we partnered up with Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion—and their fifth member and creative director, Phil Harvey who tells of their excitement:

“What’s awesome about this is that it is going to be a way for people to communicate, to express themselves, for bringing people together and I just thought that was a really good fit for our music.”

Lyrics, music and animations beautifully combined to convey emotion

The Mojis celebrate Coldplay’s latest album and world tour, A Head Full Of Dreams. Each Moji is based upon a track from the album, exclusively re-worked by the band’s multi Grammy Award-winning producer, Rik Simpson. His bespoke mixes are coupled with new animations based on the original A Head Full Of Dreams artwork. The result is a beautiful and shareable set of video clips to add color to your Skype chats, designed to express a range of feelings and sentiments.

Introducing Coldplay Mojis

Photography credit: Miller

Drummer Will Champion tells us about how the new Skype Mojis will enable their fans to express themselves:

“A lot of what we try and do with our live show and how we interact with our fans is about trying to create closeness. When we try and reach out to people—whether it’s through our live shows or anything we do, we try to create togetherness. A feeling of hope and positivity and love, really.”

Lead singer Chris Martin explains their own artistic process:

“Often in the studio we have a room where we go and paint and draw and stuff. We think about the artwork as the music is coming, at the same time. What’s also cool is the artwork for this album has lots of little motifs anyway… so they lent themselves for use on some of the Mojis.”

Introducing Coldplay MojisThis is a really exciting partnership for us. Not only because of the unique collaboration, but also because the animations for these Mojis are unlike anything we’ve featured before, or seen elsewhere. Anyway, enough from us. Here’s Coldplay to share more about the collaboration in their own words…

We’re incredibly proud of our new Mojis celebrating Coldplay’s latest album A Head Full Of Dreams and hope you love using them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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