Now for something completely different: Monty Python Mojis on Skype

We’re excited to introduce Monty Python to the Mojis family on Skype. Mojis are short, shareable, clips you can use in your Skype chats and today, we’re adding 37 of your favorite Python moments from Life of Brian, Holy Grail and Flying Circus.

When words aren’t enough, what better way to bring your conversations to life than with an iconic comedy clip? Struggling to end a conversation? Drop a massive foot into the thread! Or, when you simply can’t be bothered to hurl comedic abuse at your friends, let the Python crew do the honors.

RaspberryMonty Python MojiMonty Python Mojis

We’ve had such a hoot selecting these clips and plan to add more to the set. What are your all-time favorite Python moments you’d love to see on Skype? Tell us by using #PythonMojis on social media.

We asked the Pythons for comment:

“We welcome Moji Python’s magic moments. It’s easy to forget how gown-breaking and auspicious Monty Python was and how well, millions of years later, these ice-cream culinary moments stand up. Unlike most of the team. Please help us. Thank you.” – Michael Palin

Nope, we’re not completely sure what that means either…

Starting to roll out today, our exclusive Monty Python Mojis will appear in your emoticon picker soon. To enjoy sending them to friends and family, just make sure you’re on the latest version of Skype.

Monty Python Skype MojisNot sure how to send a Moji? It’s as easy as tapping the emoticon button. Browse by movie or by expression, preview the Moji, and then drop it into the chat. Simple.

Sometimes surreal, always silly, let the Pythons do the talking for you.

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