New improved photo, video and document sharing on Skype

Millions of people use Skype to send holiday photos, videos, and documents every day, making file sharing one of Skype’s most popular features. As part of our mission to modernize Skype, we’re pleased to announce some improvements to this feature, making it easier to use and more reliable for everyone, on every device.

Share, even if your friends are offline – from today, as long as you’re using the latest version of Skype, you can share files, photos, documents and videos of up to 300MB with friends and groups even if they’re offline. So, now you can share a holiday video and go straight back to the beach, knowing that your friends and family can download the video whenever they come online—while you’re out enjoying the sunshine!Skype cloud file sharing

Collect a file more than once, on multiple devices – you can now pick up a file multiple times on different devices. Imagine you’re on your way home and want to start reviewing a PowerPoint document on your phone, and then download it again to make edits on a computer at home.

How these changes might affect you – Over the last few weeks we’ve tested a number of different file size limits for file sharing. Based on the results of these tests, we are setting a limit of 300MB per file as this accommodates almost all the file sizes shared over Skype, and has been working well for our millions of users since it started rolling out several weeks ago. For those of you who want to send files larger than 300MB, OneDrive is an excellent option to share photos, videos and documents with your contacts, and it offers additional benefits of up to 5GB of free storage, local sync, and collaboration via the Office apps. We hope that you find the reliability improvements we’ve outlined above improve Skype file sharing overall.

Learn how to share photos, videos or documents with Skype on Skype Support or watch how to share a photo below:

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