The Consumer Preview of Skype Integration for Windows 10 is here – Tell us what you want to see next

Do you want to send quick messages from your PC to your family while you’re working? Need help cooking at home and want to show your sister exactly what you are seeing with a couple clicks? Now you can connect with them straight from your PC’s taskbar.

Today, the Consumer Preview of Skype Integration begins rolling out as part of the November operating system update for Windows 10 PCs. In this preview we’ve built selected Skype video calling and messaging features, like 1:1 messaging, calling and emoticons, into native Windows 10 apps to make communicating from your desktop quick and easy.

Once you’re on the latest version of Windows 10, give Skype video and Messaging apps a go. You’ll find them in your start menu and you can pin them to your taskbar for even faster access. Then let us know what you think and what you want to see next using the Windows Feedback app.

How the Preview of Skype video on Windows 10 for PCs works:

  1. Open the Skype video preview app, go through the quick setup so we can check your address book for Skype friends and sync your existing Skype contacts.Skype Windows 10
  2. Afterwards, jump straight into your Skype conversation history where you can return a call you’ve made or start a new call by selecting a contact from your Phonebook.Skype video_phonebook
  3. For a video call, select the person you want to call, then “Video call” and then “Skype”. Turn off the camera for a voice call.Skype Windows 10

How the Preview for Windows 10 Messaging on PCs plus Skype works:

Does your sister have an Android mobile phone? No worries. Is your niece attached to her iPad? Not a problem, either. It’s easy to reach anyone, regardless of what device they are on by using Messaging with Skype straight from your PC taskbar. Here are a few basics:

  1. Once you’re in the Messaging app, send a Skype message by selecting a previous chat from your conversation history or start a new conversation with someone by pressing “+”.Skype for Windows 10
  2. To make it a call press the Phone or Skype video icons.
    Skype for Windows 10
  3. Final tip – Quick Reply can save a lot of time, which allows you to reply directly in the notification without opening the app.Skype for Windows 10

We take your feedback very seriously. We’ll keep evolving the Skype Integration in Windows 10 and would love to hear your ideas. Just search for “Windows Feedback” in your Windows search bar, select the app and add new feedback. You can also up-vote feedback posted by others. Let us know what you think!

P.S. For users on Windows 10 Mobile devices, updates will start later this year and you will find Skype integrated there too.