Skype for Windows 8 Gets Enhanced HD Video Support

We’ve released new version of Skype for Windows 8 that improves your high definition (HD) video and sharing experience. Read more specifics about the update below:

Enhanced HD Video Support

We’ve added support for HD video in select scenarios. Depending on the sender’s camera, available network bandwidth and the receiver’s setup on x86 devices, callers may be able to send 720p video and receive 1080p video, thereby improving the overall quality and performance of the video call.

Video Messaging continues in Preview

We continue to improve video messaging and encourage you to try it. Video messaging enables you to share life moments with contacts whether they’re off or online. With this release we improved the stability of video messaging and made video messaging easier to find with improved notifications.

To get started with Skype for Windows 8, please click here to download the latest version. Let us know what you think about the update by posting your thoughts and feedback to the Skype Community.

Resolved Issues:



File transfer Sender missing file sent history if restarts app before completing the send
Crash after the sender initiates file transfer and moves back to conversation
Call connect Crash when reconnect attempts in some situations
Notifications Crash when clicking on notification in some situations

Known Issues:



Video Messaging Video message should be displayed in chat history but doesn’t display at the moment
Video Messaging Video message thumbnail redirects to record flow instead of playback when cache has been cleared