Skype for Linux 4.2

Spring is a time for growth, renewal and change. In the spirit of the season, we’ve released the brand new Skype for Linux 4.2 update.

We rolled up our sleeves and reconsidered the heart of the Skype for Linux client. We’re very excited about the results and think that you will be too.

Click here to get started with Skype for Linux 4.2.

Not only did we conquer the navigation issues and bugs from previous releases, but we increased the stability when logging in from a Microsoft Account. There are also greater efficiencies, such as not having to re-type your password when entering via “My Account” if you are already logged-in with the client. Voice messaging is optimized for ease of use and is now just one click away from the options window.

Installation is straightforward. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ on how to install Skype for Linux on different Linux distributions.

We are proud of the new Skype for Linux and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

If you are a Debian or Ubuntu 64bit user and experience audio/instability issues, please install the following package: libasound2-plugins:i386

Category Description
Feature When opening account’s links open your logged-in account.


Feature Add subscription status and link to the account brief view in the main window.
Feature Add a button to enable voice message from the options dialog.


Feature When sharing the screen in a multiple monitor setup, share the one where the call window is at the moment.


Feature Add Messenger predefined group when logged-in with your MSA account.


Improvement Create an entry point to hold a conference call from the conversations view.
Improvement New sizes for the Skype icon.
Bugfix Artifacts in the contact list after changing topic or picture in a multichat.


Bugfix Searching in the chat window when ‘Ignore poster names’ is set might lead to client crash.


Bugfix Skype crashes on attempting to stop sharing selection being in a call on hold.
Bugfix Disabling Birthday notification doesn’t work.


Bugfix Clicking on certain contact request notifications lead always to the wrong contact request against ‘live’ contact.


Bugfix Hide screen sharing window when call paused.


Bugfix Link bounding rectangle mismatch in chat when font is smaller than an emoticon present on the same line.


Bugfix Double click on a PSTN contact should follow preferred action and not always call.
Bugfix Do not pollute the Clipboard with quoted text when quoting a chat message.


Bugfix Do not show call on hold for conversations that cannot be put on hold (I.e: echo123).
Bugfix Call hold overlay icon goes away giving the idea the call is resumed when is not.


Bugfix Show mute indicator at the bottom even when muting from the keyboard shortcut.


Bugfix Do not show the login window if autologin plus start Skype minimized are enabled.


Bugfix Mark the birthday “read” when seen in the chat.


Bugfix Do not allow more than 256-length conversation’s topic.


Bugfix Localize all the prices in the Skype WiFi dialogs.