Use Skype URIs to start Skype chats and calls from websites or mobile apps

Skype URIs provide a simple way for developers to initiate Skype calls and chats directly from their websites, desktop and mobile apps. As long as the user has Skype installed on their computer or mobile device, the URI will bring the user into the Skype app to connect the call or send the chat. This enables a convenient, yet familiar, mechanism for users to reach their friends, family and businesses.

For example, if a web page includes Skype names or phone numbers and the user has Skype for Windows installed, the URI will launch the Skype app and initiate a call to the specified target.

The currently supported URIs include switching to the Skype client, initiating audio, video and conference calls and sending both individual and group instant messages. Skype URIs can even initiate calls to mobiles and landlines. Each of these URIs will work with any version of Skype running on Windows 7 and Mac OS X, and the latest versions of Skype for iPhone, Skype for iPad and Skype for Android.

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