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Taking a work call on vacation? If you must, make it easy.

Vacation is precious. It’s wonderful to let the cares of work slip away to spend special time with your friends and family. But sometimes you just have to sneak away from the fun to take a work call. Maybe your family is just getting to be a little bit too much or you don’t think Bob in marketing can really handle the project you left him with while you went away to the beach.

At Skype we want to be clear that we do not condone you taking a work call when you’re taking time off. Science shows that vacations improve productivity and mental well-being. But if you absolutely must check in at the office and make it a working vacation, we can make it easy to get back to your piña colada right away.


Take important calls from your mobile.  You can participate in any group audio call from pretty much anywhere in the world, as long as you’ve got internet access.  Just have the folks back at the office add your Skype name to the group call and you’ll be all set. Here’s more about group calling.

IM with your team from anywhere. to get a job done quickly, you can take part in a group chat or a one-one-one IM session from your mobile phone.  Here’s more about group chat on any mobile platform.

Have a face to face conversation no matter where you are. Skype video calls are available on every mobile phone platform, and as long as you both have Skype, are completely free. Speaking of free, if you’ve brought your Mac or PC laptop with you on vacation, you can participate in the weekly conference call with free group video calling. There’s no need to miss the weekly group video chat!

Call mobiles and landlines around the world at great rates. If you find you need to urgently call your boss or a client, don’t mess around with calling cards. Just buy a little bit of Skype Credit from your mobile phone and you can make cheap international calls.  Check out our low rates!

Sometimes a quick call to the office while taking time off is unavoidable. It might not be fun, but at least Skype can make it easy. Now get back to your (poolparty)!

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