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Share and Share Alike – Tips for Screen Sharing

In an office environment people are used to connecting to webinars and conference calls where the presenter is sharing his or her screen. However screen sharing doesn’t belong to the boardroom alone. If you haven’t tried screen sharing via Skype yet then let me tell you how to get started and a few ways you can put it to use.

Alright, how do I share my screen?

To begin with you’ll need Skype for Windows Desktop or Skype for Mac, as will the person(s) you’re planning on sharing your screen with. You can receive a shared screen in a one-to-one call on Skype for iPad, but the smaller screen can make it when reading text.

Next you need to start a call to the group or individual you want show your screen to. One-to-one screen sharing is free, but you will need Skype Premium for group screen sharing.

After that the steps differ slightly depending on the version of Skype you’re using.

In Skype for Windows desktop, once the call is up and running, clickShare icon Windowsand select Share screen in the menu that appears. You can then either clickStart icon Windowsto share your entire screen, orDrop down selector Windowsto select a specific program window you’d like to share. In Skype for Mac, once the call is running, clickShare icon Mac small and select Share screen… from the menu. Now you can clickStart icon Windowsto share your whole screen, or select a specific program window to share usingSelector mac

If you’re having trouble, take a look at these guides for Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Mac or ask a question in the Skype Community.

Ok, why should I share my screen?

As I already mentioned, screen sharing is great for walking other people through a big work presentation. But, speaking of walking people through things, screen sharing is also a great way to get tech-support from a tech-savvy relative when they can’t peek over your shoulder.

Many websites and applications have improved their ability to share content with others via, for example, social media. But imagine you’re booking concert tickets for you and a friend and you have to decide on seats. A quick screen-share could speed up a lot of collaborative actions or decisions where a conversation is needed.

What about photos from a legendary night out? You want to show them to the friends who were there, but they could be misinterpreted by others. Instead of fiddling with privacy permissions and waiting for uploads to a web service, why not just fire up a screen-share and show them off that way?

This last example might not apply to you, but I want to give you some idea of how creative you can get with screen sharing. I enjoy photography in my spare time and spend a lot of time poring over my photos in post-production. Color balance is an important part of making them look just right, but colors often appear differently from one screen to another. Using screen sharing I can see my color adjustments on a second screen in real time, helping me get the balance just right.

Hopefully this information will be enough to get you going with Skype screen sharing. If not, help is at hand on Skype Support.

4 thoughts on “Share and Share Alike – Tips for Screen Sharing

  1. I use screensharing a lot with Skype (at work and at home) and i am always amazed how it works beautifully. At home, I use it mainly for sharing pictures privately (that i have on my computer and do not want to post online)… but i also tried to watch together YouTube videos (sharing jokes) and it really worked very well. Screensharing is definitely one of those hidden gems in Skype. Once you try it – there’s no going back 😉
    Pierre-Eric – product mkting manager @Skype

  2. I’m using Skype since 2007, its the best tool for instant messaging, screen sharing and making calls. My main purpose of using Skype is interacting with clients… awesome product!

  3. Every time I use skype screen share lately it tries to get me to update to premium. Only after I muck about for several clicks am I able to get past that issue and actual get onto the screen share option.

    I wish Skype would stop trying to sell to me. I already use skype for paid calls so I why does it try to extract more money by trying to make me think I need a premium account for single screen share?

    • Hi Cecilia,

      You’ll need Skype Premium to share your screen on a group call. However, it sounds like you’re seeing this message when there’s only two of you on the call, is that correct?

      If that is what you’re seeing, could you let me know what version of Skype you’re using and whether you’re using it on Windows or Mac?