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Where Oh Where Has My Video Call Button Gone?

You might have spotted my recent post in which I talked about some frequently asked questions about Skype status. Well this week I’ve been digging through some more questions from Skype Support. Two common questions were related to the availability of video calls in Skype for Windows desktop, “Why does the video call button have a red line through it?” and “Where has my video call button gone?”

Video button

I’ll be answering these questions here today, but if there’s anything else puzzling you about Skype, you can always stop by the Skype Community and ask your question there.

Why does my video call button have a red line through it?

The answer to this one is simple, that just means you haven’t turned your video on yet. Go ahead and click it and wave hello to your friend. If you’re worried you might not be ready, take a look at these three top tips for looking and sounding good on Skype.

Where has my video call button gone?

During a Skype call you should be able to see a video button on the call bar at the bottom of the screen. However if Skype doesn’t detect the ability to send video to your friend, this button becomes hidden.

Call bar

This could be because your webcam has become unplugged or because it hasn’t been installed properly. Learn more about checking whether your webcam is working correctly with Skype and if it isn’t, there’s a troubleshooting guide to help.

Is there anything else I should know?

As a matter of fact, yes there is. You see, there are two more things which might prevent your video call from happening. If you’re planning to do a video call with a group of people, at least one person on the call will need a Skype Premium subscription. If you need Skype Premium for your call, a window will pop-up to let you know.

Lastly, if your fried is on an older version of Skype or on a mobile device, they might not be able to receive group video calls. For the best experience we always recommend you download the latest version of Skype. If your friend cannot participate in a group video call, you will see this message.

Upgrade message

Your friend will still be able to hear you and reply, but they won’t be able to see your video or anyone else on the call.

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