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The Unexpected Star – Skype’s Greatest Cameos!

From the small screen to the big screen, Skype has had many Hollywood moments over the last decade. Check out these amazing cameo appearances by Skype on film, TV and in the news. Check out some of our faves:

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 Cameos

How does the most technologically advanced man in the world – Tony Stark – contact his driver and bodyguard Happy Hogan? With a crystal device running Skype, of course! And to celebrate Skype’s first marvelous cameo, we created a Skype station on the red carpet that connected the film’s official premiere with a simultaneous event at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, WA. Several servicemen at the base had the chance connect with loved ones attending the Los Angeles premiere.

The Hangover Part II

Realizing that he’s going to miss his new furry friend, Alan (played by Zach Galifianakis) exclaimed, “I wish monkeys could Skype…maybe someday” in The Hangover Part II.

The Daily Show

We’ve heard of phoning it in before, but Jon Stewart took it to a whole new level when he used Skype to make a guest appearance on his own show. Stewart has been absent from the show while he is filming Rosewater in Jordan and wanted to check in with guest host John Oliver.


While Skype makes regular appearances on Showtime’s Homeland, including regular calls to informants and superiors by Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) – it really helped ratchet up the intensity when baddie Abu Nazir made a video call to Damian Lewis’ Sergeant Nicholas Brody to pressure him into helping him kill Vice President Walden.

Going the Distance

In 2010, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long showed us how relationships can survive long distances – thanks, in part, to the ability to see each other over Skype. Check out the trailer, which shows Barrymore’s character, Erin, talking to her sister, played by Christina Applegate, via Skype video call.

Promised Land

In Promised Land, starring Matt Damon, John Krasinski and Frances McDormand, McDormand’s Sue uses Skype as a parenting aid while on the road. This trailer shows how Damon and McDormand also used Skype to contact the home office to provide progress about their attempts to convince a farming town to sell its land for natural gas drilling.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show


A regular user, Ellen DeGeneres incorporates Skype into her show to reach out to viewers, like in 2012, when she gave $8,000 in baby products to a pregnant fan in Minneapolis. Then, last May, beyond honoring a request to donate “Ellen” boxers to a military husband stationed in Asia, Ellen surprised the serviceman’s wife with a video call to reunite them on-air.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

What’s more fun than Jimmy Kimmel interviewing One Direction? How about using Skype to chat with 1D in their dressing rooms to organize a Skype scavenger hunt?  A regular feature on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Skype scavenger hunts pit two teams against each other, and this time Kimmel set the band members against one another.


The “Queen of Talk” really started the trend of using Skype on-air when she began interviewing guests using video calls in 2008. In a signature episode of her show, Oprah asked “Where in the Skype Are You?” and spent an entire episode using Skype to communicate with people above the Earth, beneath the sea and even at retail stores in New York City and London.


Utilizing every available tool to keep coverage up-to-date as a scandal broke that forced New York Governor Elliot Spitzer out of office, CNN interviewed their vacationing legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin – who was Spitzer’s college roommate – over Skype. This monumental interview marked the first time an interview was conducted live via Skype on national TV.

Happy Endings

Poor, poor Penny…the often unlucky in love character on Happy Endings was placed at the “Skype table,” where she was charged with facilitating a good time for everyone who couldn’t be there in person. Of course, she “virtually” meets the perfect guy, played by Brian Austin Green.

60 Minutes

Over the course of 12 years, “60 Minutes” followed a group orphaned Sudanese boys who were rescued from a Kenyan refugee camp by an American airlift in 2001. After 3,000 of the “Lost Boys” settled in the United States, the show checked in to share their progress with viewers.  In 2013 – 12 years after moving to the United States – it re-connected a man named Joseph with his mother through the “miracle” of Skype.

The Big Bang Theory

Making out. Maintaining long distance relationships. Meeting Raj’s parents in India. Hanging out with Amy Farrah Fowler. Oh, there’s many ways these guys use Skype.


To get a quick update with the subjects of each episode of MTV’s Catfish, Nev and Max conduct their final interviews using Skype. Nev has even said that tools like Skype are the great equalizer that can help prevent someone from being Catfished.


Silver Linings Playbook

One of Skype’s greatest cameos didn’t even happen ON film when Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for a part in David O. Russel’s “Silver Linings Playbook” – a role that earned her a Best Actress Oscar. To commemorate Lawrence’s Best Actress Independent Spirit Award win earlier that week, Skype visited the show’s red carper to interview stars about their Skype experiences.

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