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Skype for Windows 8 Updated

Today we released an update to Skype for Windows 8. In the 1.6 release, we continue to address top user feedback and deliver the most requested features.

Contact blocking

With this update, we wanted to give our users higher control over who can contact them by adding the ability to block contacts.

To block a contact, select the person’s name to open up the chat window. Bring up the command bar by swiping at the top or bottom of your screen (or right click), and select block. You may also choose whether you want to remove or report the contact request as spam. For a step by step overview, please visit:

Skype for Win8 Update

Performance improvements

We have improved loading speed and reliability across the application. As a result, contacts load speed should now be a lot faster.

Upgrade now via the Windows Store, and share your feedback by discussing what matters on the Skype Community Forum.

Additionally in this release, we have fixed a number of issues from the previous release, most notable of them are:



In some cases, outgoing video was not displayed after switching camera in the Options menu

Calling In some cases, Skype displayed the wrong call error message when a call failed
Generic Skype occasionally crashed when clicking on the “info” menu option
Generic Skype crashed after typing “batch” into the IM input field
Calling It was not possible to switch between calls on hold

Known issues in this release are:

Category Description Workaround
Calling In some cases, when Skype is in the background call answering attempts might not succeed. None available

10 thoughts on “Skype for Windows 8 Updated

  1. Just installed the upgrade and skype does not open anymore and keeps crashing. I’ve tried to reinstall many times but it doesnt help…

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  4. It is good to hear that Skype gets updated in Windows 8. Will go ahead and install it and hope that will not face any issue further.

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  6. nice interface. easy to use

  7. I had the update and since then my screen is green. Can someone please tell me how to fix this because its my only way of communicating with my husband who is deployed.

  8. What about Contact Categories, and how about supporting voice mail? These two are critical issues that don´t work on the Win 8 Skype app.

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