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VerbalizeIt expands through Skype in the workspace

verbalizeit.pngLast summer, my colleague Shana Pearlman posted a blog about Ryan Frankel, the founder and CEO of an amazing company called VerbalizeIt.

VerbalizeIt offers, among other translation services, bilingual human translators to translate real-time Skype voice calls between participants who speak different languages.

We love the company’s commitment to breaking down barriers to communication, a tenet we share at Skype. We’ve been keeping an eye on VerbalizeIt’s growth for the past months. It’s gratifying to us that Ryan and his team joined Skype in the workspace (SITW) to help expand their business.

Ryan first learned about SITW through his involvement with another Skype platform, Skype in the Classroom. That service helps educators around the world collaborate on projects via Skype.

“Through our partnership with Skype on Skype in the Classroom, where we offered translation services to classrooms so they could communicate with each other, we heard from more and more businesses who wanted access to our global community of 3,000 translators,” says Ryan. “We were introduced to Skype in the workspace as the right platform for connecting with them.”

Ultimately, Ryan wanted SITW to put VerbalizeIt on the radar of business clients who could benefit most from his company, and the global reach of SITW was a good fit. They decided to use SITW to facilitate two services the company offers: live interpretation through Skype and over-the-phone and asynchronous audio, video and document translation solutions.

Ryan’s team created a company profile, then posted an opportunity that describes VerbalizeIt’s services and offers an introductory consultation to anyone interested in learning more.

Ryan found setting up a profile to be “simple, seamless and efficient,” and he credits SITW with helping to raise VerbalizeIt’s brand awareness and providing access to Skype’s broad user base.

We asked for his advice to others looking to join SITW.

“Be responsive to the needs of your customers,” offers Ryan. “The Skype in the workspace platform is a great opportunity to solicit feedback from users on how to constantly improve one’s service.”

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