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International Technology Upgrade Week: Women Buy More Tech, but Men Upgrade More

Did you know that women buy tech gadgets more than men? It’s true; according to market intelligence firm Parks Associates, women are more likely than men to buy tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The old stereotype is that men are the tech geeks while women just aren’t interested, but that turns out to be as outdated as the hoop skirt.

But here’s an odd thing. According to a global survey that Skype recently conducted, 56 percent of men responded that they always update their software when prompted while only 49 percent of women said the same. Additionally, more men than women were found to have upgraded any software on their computers within the last week.
Clearly women are buying technology, but they aren’t necessarily making sure that it performs at its best. This seems strange – what’s going on?

According to Skype’s research, the top reason for upgrading is to keep their computers safe from virus and hackers, but the top reason to avoid upgrading because of worries about computer security; people don’t want to download everything they’re told to. The data reveals that people also want software to be free of bugs and crash less often, but they say they don’t understand what the updates will do and that there are no real benefits in doing it.

As we mentioned yesterday, we want to make sure you have the highest quality versions of Skype you can; when you upgrade to the newest versions of Skype for free, it’ll provide the best experience possible.

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It’s a conundrum – everyone wants to have reliable, secure software but the current upgrade process is discouraging them to do it. What would be a better way to get most people to upgrade? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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