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Skype in the workspace beta promoting small business success

Screen shot 2012-07-10 at 1.04.52 PM.pngIt’s hard to believe that only six weeks ago, we introduced you to our new free service for small business, Skype in the workspace. It’s a community we’re nurturing to help businesses like yours connect and grow. You can find potential collaborators, suppliers or customers anywhere in the world, and then connect through Skype IM, voice or video chats.

We’re still in beta, and have been getting insightful feedback from our pioneer users (thank you!) We count on this input to help us shape the community, to ensure it remains useful and user-centric.

If you missed out on getting in on the ground floor, we’re looking for more users to test and stretch the service–why not request an invite today? It takes less than a minute.

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Curious about who is already part of the community? Below are a handful of the business owners who are already making connections through Skype in the workspace — perhaps they’re offering something you need.

Stripe makes films that help you win business, inform your customers or simply inspire employees. If you need an animation, some motion graphics, or a short film, Stripe could be the production company for you.

Finding the right business coach or mentor to help you accelerate your business can be tricky. Judith Flowerday of Dare to Fly is offering free 20-minute consultations to business owners who connect with her through Skype in the workspace.

Freelancer Karen Cinnamon was named Advertising and Design Freelancer of the Year in 2011. Working with start-ups as well as major international companies, Cinnamon Creative is a digital and branding studio that could help you nail your business marketing.

Need an app to market your business? With 16 years of industry experience, DNA of Design specializes in taking your concept from prototype to fully featured product.

Studio Peter Van Riet is a hybrid design studio offering a wide variety of design solutions ranging from product to company design. Their mission is to design actionable strategies, products and services that actively promote sustainable growth.

Is your business in need of a rethink or review? Dan Weingrod helps brands and businesses integrate new digital strategies, develop new product and service offerings, and educate employees to think and act in new and innovative ways. If you’re in need of an ideation workshop facilitator or digital training for your staff, look no further.

Want to learn more? Join Skype in the workspace today, and start making connections for your business.

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