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Skype 1.2 for Windows Phone

Today, we have released a update to of Skype for Windows Phone.

Download the updated version now, and let us know how you like it in the Skype Support Network.

This release includes a couple of improvements:

The improvements are:

  • All phonebook contacts with at least one number are shown in the Skype contact list.
  • Ability to edit a phone number in dial-pad before calling.

Full release notes for the Skype for Windows Phone are:


  • All phonebook contacts with at least one number are shown in Skype contact list.
  • Ability to edit phone number in dial-pad before calling

Fixed issues:

Category Description
Notifications Events such as a calendar notification or incoming call will no longer end a Skype call in progress.
Instant Messaging IM messages not successfully sent will show a “pending” indicator.
Generic Various crashes and memory leaks have been fixed

known issues:

Category Description
Calling  Answering an incoming phone call will end your Skype call. 
Conference Calling  A conference call will appear as a 1:1 call. The chat and profile views are between the Windows Phone recipient and the conference call host. To view the group chat content, navigate to the recent messages pivot and select the group conversation. To return to the call, navigate to the Skype home screen (by pressing the notification badge in the top right corner), then click on the call-in-progress indicator at the top of the screen.
Calling  There is no visible indication if your call is placed on hold by remote party. 
Calling  Accepting a cellular call while on a Skype call will not place the Skype call on hold.  Both calls will be in progress and the Windows Phone user can hear both conversations.  
Video calling  Video calls to Skype for Windows Phone require Skype 5.0 or later for Mac or Windows.
Instant Messaging Loading an extremely long chat history may crash the Skype application. 
Device support  A minimum of 512MB of memory is required to install and use the Skype application.
Audio  Bluetooth headsets are not supported for audio or video calling. 
Chat Word suggestions in Russian do not work properly.

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