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GroupMe brings free private and group messaging to Windows Phone

Our colleagues at GroupMe today announced a completely revamped version of the app for Windows Phone. GroupMe is a group messaging service that can be used on any phone allowing users to stay in touch with the important people in their lives.

Now GroupMe offers Windows Phone users additional features with the latest version of the app, including the ability to pin groups to the start screen. Developed in close collaboration with Microsoft, users will find it easier than ever to use GroupMe from their Windows Phone.


Check below for some tips to fully enjoy the new version of the GroupMe app for Windows Phone and learn more about GroupMe:

Pin groups to start: Pin any of your groups to start for quick and easy access. From the main panorama, press and hold on any chat, and then click “pin to start” from the context menu. A secondary tile will be created for that group with its own avatar and live tile notifications.

Create your first group for your family, friends, or coworkers, and enjoy free group messaging that will work on all their phones. Need ideas? Start with one of the suggested groups.

• Add contacts to your group right from your address book by clicking the address book icon on the new group screen. No need to remember anyone’s phone number.

Share pictures to your group from your camera or photo gallery.

• Tap any of your contacts’ avatars to have private one-on-one conversations, but only if they also have the GroupMe app installed.

• Create a group with any of the featured brand partners to receive their updates and possibly win prizes.

Set your own avatar by clicking settings from the main panorama app bar and swiping over to the profile pivot.

• Have a bad data connection? Switch to SMS-mode from the settings screen and receive messages via normal text messaging.

It’s available for free in the Windows Marketplace. Download it here on your Windows Phone to start creating groups, send direct messages, share photos, and check out featured groups.

Let us know what you think! And if you have questions about the service, please reach out to

3 thoughts on “GroupMe brings free private and group messaging to Windows Phone

  1. gmankelow said 5 years ago

    Is the SMS-Mode only for Windows Phones, I cannot find it on the Android version and or is that function only available in the US?

  2. sulabh.goel said 5 years ago

    Can anyone tell me, if the normal video calling service for free user is working ?