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Hello Skype!

My name is Yezel. I’ll let you take the first punch at how you want to pronounce it… but it’s Yeh-zell. I am a recent graduate from San Jose State University in California where I earned a degree in public relations with a concentration in business administration.

I adopted Skype four years ago and I see it as a magical social platform. My world became smaller (positively, of course) when I was able to simultaneously see the faces and hear the voices of my faraway friends and family in Mexico and Europe through my very own computer screen.

After adopting Skype at home, I then took it with me to the classroom. Since my professors always encouraged creative learning ideas, I knew Skype would be welcomed. I was able to video call for group discussions, transmit class lectures while I was sick at home, and even present group projects to audiences in different locations. As a college student with too much going on and not enough time, Skype became an invaluable tool that kept me connected and sane.

I am fascinated by the power of social media, travel, multiculturalism, and technology — I know that Skype embraces all of these areas and that is what led me here, and why I’m so excited to join Skype as a social media intern. I am young and I am youthful; my ideas are fresh; my mind is open and I’m willing to learn. It is a great honor to help deliver meaningful news, stories and content about Skype to all of you. ☺

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