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Skype’s Pursuit of the Perfect Video Call

The debut of Skype video calls forever changed how the world communicates. But, at Skype, we were never satisfied with just being able to make a video call. As people were still marveling at the “Wow, I can see you on my computer” moment, we had already set out to pioneer an ever richer and … Read more

Un make up da star… grazie a Skype e ai consigli di Monica Robustelli

A volte non pensiamo di averne il tempo, altre volte invece, non cerchiamo alternative: rinunciamo e basta. Che sia un consulto per il proprio benessere che sia una consulenza sul make-up per una serata romantica, così prese da impegni lavorativi e personali, lasciamo semplicemente perdere, seppur a malincuore. Ma da oggi arriva un valido alleato: … Read more

Students Reach for the Stars After Skype Call with World-Class Astronomer

A guest blog post by teacher Shawn Avery from Dennett Elementary School in Plympton, Massachusetts. How can I connect concepts my students are learning about to real world experiences? That’s the question that teachers ponder every day. It’s easy to throw a math problem up on the board for children to solve or show them … Read more

Die Mysterien des Weltalls lösen – Skype und die Wissenschaftler

sciolla photo

Was ist ein Higgs Boson? Nein, es ist kein hipper neuer US-Künstler, sondern eher das fehlende Teil des Puzzles, das uns hilft die subatomare Welt zu verstehen. Seine Existenz wurde in diesem Frühling nachgewiesen und somit könnte dieses Teilchen die größte wissenschaftliche Entdeckung unserer Zeit sein. Dabei ist zu bedenken, dass Top-Physiker wie Dr. Gabriella … Read more

Historias inolvidables de Skype en vídeo

Si es difícil de creer que Skype haya cumplido ahora 10 años más difícil aún es imaginarse la vida antes de Skype. En esta década, lo que nació como una pequeña startup de Estonia, ha cambiado la manera en la que interactuamos con la gente que más nos importa, independientemente de dónde estemos. Esta primera … Read more

Celebrating Skype for in the US

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to deliver the preview version of Skype for to countries across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada and more. Today, we’re celebrating the availability of a preview version of Skype for in the US! The Skype for preview makes it easy … Read more

Video-Präsentationen über Skype: Fünf Fragen an Rhetorikexperten Matt Abrahams


Immer mehr Menschen sind der Meinung, dass man heutzutage für einen Vortrag oder eine Präsentation gar nicht mehr zwingend im selben Raum sein muss wie das Publikum. Professionelle Sprecher schalten sich heutzutage immer öfter für Vorträge oder Präsentationen per Video zu, anstatt bei der entsprechenden Konferenz oder Tagung in persona anwesend zu sein. Das spart … Read more

College Bound? Keep Your BFFs Close

Graduating  from High School? Keep Your BFFs Close with Skype Dancing with your best friends at prom. Senior Cut Day. The moment you and your classmates toss your caps in the air at graduation. Some of the most precious moments are shared with friends – and as you embark upon your summer vacation, the realization of … Read more

Musician Performs Personalized Concerts via Skype

Indie musician Jhameel catapulted to the top of the Hype Machine Popular Charts with the help of his enthusiastic fan base. Jhameel immerses his listeners in synthesized melodies, thought provoking lyrics and vocals inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Prince. Based in Los Angeles, California, he does it all – produces, sings, writes … Read more

Avec « Skype in the Classroom », les enseignants peuvent donner une nouvelle dimension à leurs projets éducatifs

Aujourd’hui, nous avions envie de vous parler d’une initiative chère à Skype, « Skype in the classroom ». Skype in the Classroom est un moyen simple et gratuit pour les enseignants d’ouvrir leur salle de classe au monde entier. Ce portail Skype permet de mettre en relation des enseignants du monde entier pour échanger des … Read more

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