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Chamadas com vídeo perfeitas no Skype para Windows 8.1.

Os nossos usuários já começaram a mandar pra gente as suas dúvidas sobre o Skype no Windows 8.1. Vimos algumas perguntas relacionadas ao uso da webcam, e por isso hoje vou me aprofundar um pouco mais sobre como se preparar para uma chamada com vídeo. Vamos falar sobre como verificar a sua webcam está instalada … Read more

Getting Yourself Video-Ready In Windows 8.1

I’ve been looking through some of the questions that people have been asking about Skype for Windows 8.1. I spotted a few questions related to the use of a webcam and so today I’d like to dig a bit deeper into setting yourself up for a video call. I’m going to touch on how to … Read more

Happy National Flex Day! 5 Tips for Better Remote Working

Here at Skype we regularly work remotely, and often with teams on varying schedules and in various spots around the globe. Add to that the fact that Skype also can be an essential tool for doing business from anywhere, and you’ll see why we were naturally interested in the first annual National Flex Day in … Read more

Students Reach for the Stars After Skype Call with World-Class Astronomer

A guest blog post by teacher Shawn Avery from Dennett Elementary School in Plympton, Massachusetts. How can I connect concepts my students are learning about to real world experiences? That’s the question that teachers ponder every day. It’s easy to throw a math problem up on the board for children to solve or show them … Read more

Skype Helps Take Fantasy Football to the Next Level

For football fans everywhere, the start of the NFL season means that it’s time for Fantasy Football! Last week, our Skype Correspondent Jason Zone Fisher hosted the #MSFTFootball Fantasy Football League draft with a little help from Skype. The star-studded roster included the likes of: NBA star Baron Davis, NFL Network’s Jenn Brown, DJ Skee, and actors Rich … Read more

米コメディアン マーク・マルコフ氏、Skypeビデオ通話で162か国とつながる~日本のテレビにもSkypeで生出演~

Skypeは、先日の8月29日に設立10周年を迎えました。Skypeの10周年を記念して、アメリカのコメディアンであるマーク・マルコフ氏が、世界中で使われているSkypeのビデオ通話を通じて、全世界の人達とつながる企画を試みました! 【Sk Read more

C’est aussi la rentrée pour Skype in the Classroom

En cette semaine de rentrée des classes et une semaine après la célébration des 10 ans d’existence de Skype, nous souhaitions parler d’un programme qui nous tient particulièrement à cœur : Skype in the Classroom. Le programme d’éducation de Skype permet d’ouvrir les salles de classe, pour faire vivre aux enfants du monde entier des … Read more

5 résolutions Skype pour une rentrée réussie

C’est la fin de l’été, et les excès ont dû être nombreux : trop de glaces, de chichis et de beignets sur la plage, trop de siestes au soleil, trop de fêtes et de fatigue pour certains. Mais surtout, la chaleur, les paysages de rêve, et les nouvelles découvertes vous ont peut-être fait déconnecter. Et … Read more

Celebrating Top Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom

To honor Skype’s 10th anniversary, we want to highlight the many ways Skype brings people together each and every day. We are very proud of what Skype has become during this past decade – especially its role as an educational tool. Skype’s education program, Skype in the classroom, breaks down classroom walls and allows children … Read more

10 histoires incroyables de Skype en vidéo

Il est difficile de se dire que Skype existe déjà depuis 10 ans, mais – en même temps – il est encore plus difficile d’imaginer la vie avant Skype. En 10 ans, la petite startup estonienne a réussi à changer notre façon de communiquer avec les personnes les plus importantes à nos yeux, peu importe … Read more

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