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Skype und die Liebe: Drei Tipps für eine erfolgreiche Fernbeziehung

Heutzutage sind Fernbeziehungen keine Seltenheit. Schätzungen des Deutschen Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung zufolge wird jede achte Beziehung auf Distanz gelebt. Der Beziehungsexperte Dr. Peter Wendel ist sogar der Auffassung, dass die tatsächliche Zahl um ein Vielfaches höher liegt. Eine Fernbeziehung zu… Read more

Tipps und Tricks für ein erfolgreiches Vorstellungsgespräch mit Skype

Was in den USA oder Großbritannien längst schon zum Unternehmensalltag gehört, hält nun langsam aber sicher auch in deutschen Firmen Einzug – Bewerbungsgespräche via Skype. Wer heute noch in Frankfurt arbeitet und morgen schon einen Termin zum Bewerbungsgespräch in Hamburg… Read more

Teacher Stays Connected with Students Through Skype During Cancer Treatment

We love hearing about the many innovative and heart-warming ways people are using Skype to better connect with their friends, families and colleagues. That's why we were so inspired by the story of Kaylene Kramer, an Ohio-based teacher and… Read more

Skype and Partner to Bring Technology to Classrooms

Last September, I announced Skype's goal of connecting one million classrooms across the globe through Skype in the classroom, a free online community that helps teachers use Skype to enrich educational experiences for students. In pursuit of this goal, we… Read more

Skype Infografik: Guck mal, wer da spricht!

Sie sind aus dem Alltag zahlreicher Jugendlicher, Geschäftsreisender und im Ausland lebender Familienmitglieder kaum noch wegzudenken – Anrufe über das Internet. Weltweit werden 300.000.000 Minuten Videoanrufe täglich über Skype getätigt – eine Rekordzahl, die durch die Möglichkeiten der Internetanrufe für… Read more

Storytelling over Skype

World Book Day (March 1, 2012) and Read Across America Week (February 27 – March 3) have just passed. Take a look at how people used Skype video calls to spread your love of reading, and how you can do… Read more

Skype on TV Highlights

Last September, we told you about the small team at Skype dedicated to working with the news and film industry to help them utilize Skype video calling in their programs. From morning shows such as The TODAY Show and news… Read more

Be a Good Samaritan over Skype

This Good Samaritan Day, be nice over Skype. Read on for ideas about how to use video calls to be nice, and to find out what we've been doing. Read more

Veterinary Hospice Skype Consultations

Are you an animal lover? If you are, you can likely relate to other pet owners who will do anything for their favorite furry loved one when they're sick. That's exactly why we found it so inspiring when we heard… Read more

Spotlight on Skype's Mobile Engineering Director

“The 2010 holiday season was quickly approaching and everyone was excited about what they were doing. Getting ready for new product releases and updates was keeping everyone busier than ever. However, people were excited for a different reason as well;… Read more

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