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Send texts from your computer with Skype

Skype SMS

In the past I’ve mentioned Skype instant messages are pretty great. You can do so much more with them than just hammer out a few words on your keyboard and hit send – there are mojis, emoticons, file sending, text formatting, timestamped quotes… The list of features goes on and on. But sometimes you can’t … Read more

5 résolutions Skype pour une rentrée réussie

C’est la fin de l’été, et les excès ont dû être nombreux : trop de glaces, de chichis et de beignets sur la plage, trop de siestes au soleil, trop de fêtes et de fatigue pour certains. Mais surtout, la chaleur, les paysages de rêve, et les nouvelles découvertes vous ont peut-être fait déconnecter. Et … Read more

Why Are Skype Gift Cards a Great Present? Ask a Pro.

Lindsay Roberts is a nationally recognized gift-giving expert and founder of She scours boutiques, magazines and the web to find creative gift ideas and connects shoppers with the stores that sell her finds. A frequent guest on news shows,… Read more

Skype Click to Call New User Interface for Mac and PC Beta

We're pleased to announce that we've just launched a new User Interface for Skype Click to Call for Windows, version 6.0.2 and Skype Click to Call for Mac, version 2.0.183. This has new UI for both FREE and paid… Read more