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Sharing Ideas, Breaking Boundaries

TED pic 1

Some of the world’s most innovative ideas were shared at the TED2014 conference in Vancouver, Canada last month. Skype Conversation Sessions germinated a number of fascinating discussions, and Skype was there to facilitate conversations with luminaries such as astronaut Chris Hadfield, Oscar nominee Jehane Noujaim and Sports Illustrated reporter David Epstein. One of those participating … Read more

From the Classroom to the Cloud – Skype and the Future of Learning

SOLE opening in England with Skype Granny

How do children learn in places so remote there is no formal access to teachers or schools?  How do children with learning disabilities prosper?  How do children with a passion to learn more than is expected in class, stay inspired and engaged?  Do children learn more working in groups or working alone?  These kinds of … Read more

TED 2014 – Envision The Future of Music

The key message of every TED talk, conference or panel is ‘ideas worth spreading’. One person whose ideas are definitely worth spreading is multi-talented musician and Skype Music Moment Maker Frank Bell. Frank is a classically trained cellist who loves experimenting with numerous musical styles – funk, soul, pop, you name it. As he told … Read more

Ideas que merecen la pena difundir con TED y Skype

TED es una organización sin ánimo de lucro que lleva más de dos décadas dedicándose a promocionar “Ideas que Merece la pena Difundir”. A lo largo de los años, la organización ha crecido hasta convertirse en una fuente reconocida de inspiración e innovación y de apoyo a las ideas que pueden cambiar el mundo. Esta … Read more

Ideas Worth Spreading with TED and Skype

TED is the nonprofit organization that has been devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading” for more than two decades. Throughout the years, the organization has grown to be a recognized source of inspiration and innovation, supporting world-changing ideas through a variety of programs. Now, for the first time, TED and Skype have partnered together to enable … Read more

Une chorale virtuelle pour la postérité aux TED2013

L’équation qui permet une expérience musicale unique et brillante existe-t-elle ? Nous pensons qu’Eric Whitacre a peut-être trouvé la formule : 100 choristes en direct accompagnés de chanteurs des chorales de California State University, Long Beach Campus, Fullerton Campus et Riverside City College + 30 chanteurs de 28 pays différents connectés via des appels vidéos … Read more

Виртуальный хор на конференции TED2013

Уникальное представление состоялось на конференции TED2013 (Technology Entertainment Design; Технологии, развлечения, дизайн) — частный некоммерческий фонд в США). Эрик Уитакр (Eric Whitacre), композитор, дирижер и преподаватель, получивший премию Grammy и широко известный своими многочисленными музыкальными достижениями, представил уникальный хор – сто вокалистов на сцене и 30 вокалистов из 28 стран мира, подключенных к хору через … Read more


Virtual Choir with Eric Whitacre

グラミー賞受賞歴のある作曲家、指揮者、講演者であるエリック・ウィテカー氏はその数多くの音楽的業績で有名ですが、2011年のTEDで初めて披露された「バーチャル合唱(Virtual Choir)」シリーズによって彼の名はさらに広まりました。こ Read more

Um coro virtual via Skype no TED2013

Será que existe uma fórmula para realizar uma experiência musical brilhante?  Talvez Eric Whitacre tenha encontrado: Um coro ao vivo formado por cantores de várias universidades dos Estados Unidos + 30 cantores de 28 países diferentes conectados via chamadas com vídeo do Skype = Obra prima musical. Whitacre, compositor, maestro e professor e vencedor do Grammy, é famoso por suas … Read more

A Virtual Choir for the Ages at TED2013

Virtual Choir with Eric Whitacre

Is there an equation to making a brilliant musical experience?  We think Eric Whitacre might have found at least one such formula: 100 live choir members made up of singers from choirs at California State University, Long Beach Campus, California State University, Fullerton Campus and Riverside City College, + 30 singers from 28 different countries … Read more