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How to Identify and Deal with Scam Emails and Phishing Attempts

One of the topics we hear about from our users is malicious email contact from individuals impersonating Skype. Recently, we posted some helpful tips on avoiding malicious contact in the form of unwanted Skype calls, and today we're following that up with some tips on how to protect yourself from emails with malicious intent. Read more

¿Qué hago con las llamadas de spam en Skype?

Muchos nos preguntáis a menudo sobre las llamadas de spam no deseadas que recibís en vuestras cuentas de Skype. Claudius, nuestro community manager, ha recopilado algunos trucos de ayuda para sobre cómo reaccionar a esas llamadas de spam que el… Read more

How to Deal with Skype Spam Calls

Working in Skype's Customer Service organization, I'm lucky to be able to help our users get the most out of Skype every day, helping to address their concerns and assist with any problems. Recently, we've heard a lot about unwanted spam calls and emails to some of our users' Skype accounts. Claudius, our community manager, has pulled together some great tips on how to respond to spam calls from Skype Support Network power-user, Primemover: Read more